User Decklist

Ogor Barf Burn

by Shpelley


My personal Ogor/Beast list. The deck looks to use War Chant to flip over Beasts and Deploy them to the right of Firebelly (Units deployed to the right of War Chant will get activated twice, once for the initial Deploy/Rotation, and then again for standard order checks!) The best reveal is Arachnorak Spider Deployed onto Savage Boar Beast for 12 Rend damage! It gets Deployed, rotates once for Savage Boar Beast and rotates again for War Chant, bringing it to its final corner for 6, then Standard Order checks for another 6.

Once the opponent is down to 11-17, you can finish the opponent with Flame-Belching Firebelly, combined with Relentless Assault and some number of Feed The Maws.

I've recently swapped out Collar of Domination for Might of Gork for more consistency with Torrbad's Ride, and because Collar of Domination would need to activate 5 times in order to beat the damage provided by Might of Gork over 3 turns.

January 17, 2019 Update:
I've gone ahead and removed Flesh to Stone and replaced it with a 3rd Beat Back. This makes my questing slightly more consistent, at the expense of having a slightly worse Destruction match vs. Chanters and Wolf Riders.

I've also swapped a Thundertusk with another Arachnorak. This increases the chance of War Chant -> Arachnorak, and Thundertusk is usually discarded in everything except very specific matchups that go long anyway.