Champions on Steam & Switch, Exemplar Rewards, Pre-Releases & More!

Hello everyone, Shpelley here! Just wanted to give you guys a recap on this announcement-heavy week! Looks like PlayFusion is attempting to capitalize on the momentum from their Organized Play and Warband/Savagery announcements last week with some more announcements on both the physical and digital sides of the game. Without further ado, let’s take a look….

Champions on Steam & Nintendo Switch

One of the biggest announcements, but not unexpected, is the announcement of Steam and Switch versions of the game, along with a landscape orientation makeover for all platforms. With a February 19th release date, the Steam version has been anticipated for a while now with teasers going back to shortly after launch. The Switch launch was a little more surprising, but not by much as Lightseekers, PlayFusion’s other mobile/physical card game just released on both Steam and Switch themselves.

Champions (and Lightseekers) are actually in the unique position as a few of the only card games on the Switch right now. Assuming the game can find an audience there, it could help secure a niche even after giants Hearthstone eventually come to the platform. The longer Champions gets to reign unopposed, the better it is. Considering the enthusiasm surrounding the Switch launch (and the relatively well-coordinated press coverage!), we could see a whole new crowd of people entering the game. The Nintendo Switch release is set for sometime in March (no date announced).

Champions (and Lightseekers) are actually in the unique position as a few of the only card games on the Switch right now.

Launching on Steam allows those who don’t enjoy mobile phone experiences (small text, outdated phones and just not being their platform du jour) a better place to experience the game. My personal hope is that, with a PC launch, we’ll see a digital Best of 3/Pitched Battle format arise. A Steam launch is also good news for those looking to stream the game or make video content. The original portrait orientation (and low-res, emulated phone orientation) wasn’t exactly a great look for the game, and made overlays awkward. Combined with the next bit of news, we hopefully will see a rise in streaming…

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Exemplar Rewards

Announced shortly after, the long-awaited rewards for hard-working Heraldors (judges) and Vexillors (content creators) was announced. Points (EXP) are earned by generating content, growing platforms dedicated towards the game and by, of course, running events. These points go towards exclusive, physical rewards including a pin, promo-art card, a play mat, a t-shirt or a hoodie. All the rewards look really nice. With the launch of the Steam version of the game, this gives players a lot of incentive to create content and help grow the game. The points are also tilted in a way that encourages physical events which is good to help grow a struggling IRL scene.


First Strike Events (Pre-Releases)

Seeking to rectify what most would consider a mistake (myself included), Warhammer Champions is finally getting Pre-Release events. These events are scheduled for March 30th – 31st. Not much information has been given out as of yet, but our best guess is that it will take the form of Sealed or (dare we dream it?) entirely *new* format would be used to show off these new cards. Rewards look to be packs of the new sets and PlayFusion is pushing store owners to contact them to set things up.

Along with the announcement came a spoiler card, which will act as the promotional card reward for the First Strike events (pictured to the right) and the reveal that Savagery will introduce the Realm of Beasts, Ghur. I think everyone can agree that events like these have been sorely lacking the last 2 sets. Hopefully, with the physical *and* digital push they’ve been doing, these Pre-Release events will help reignite the game in areas where it has fallen off in numbers.

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Meta Shakeup – Skarbrand and Stacking

Lastly, but certainly not least has been the announcement of two changes that have massive repercussions for the current meta of the game going into Season 3 of digital Ranked gameplay.

  • Skarbrand (his effect being lowered to “below 10 or more health” as opposed to 15)
  • The surprising re-introduction of the Stacking changes that were publicly tested last season.

These are clearly targeted at both Skarbrand and Gordrakk decks, in an attempt to reign them in as they’ve started to overtake the meta in numbers.

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How do we feel about these changes, and how they’ll effect the meta? You’ll have to tune in next week to a round-table discussion on these changes, how we think the meta will shape up and more!

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