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We, the self proclaimed Triumvirate of Judgement (Twylite, Nivix, and myself), have been chatting about rules interactions and how they work and trying to bring the lesser known or easily missed rules interactions to your attention. With that being said, this article will be focusing on 3 Start of Turn effects and how placement or remembering the order of events can be muddled or forgotten. We will be exploring these different interactions spanning across 4 cards and all dealing with Rule 4 and its sub rules inside the CR. But first, let us introduce the Triumvirate!

Starting off with Twylite, whom I feel needs no introduction (Introduce me anyway, thanks). He is an avid writer here at whose work has mostly consisted of the content rich spoiler articles that you all have been reading lately. Next we have Nivix, a streamer and a gentleman, and also a writer currently (slowly) working on an introductory series of articles for you all to enjoy! (shhh! that may be a secret). And then there is me. If you recognize my name it is likely because I am fairly active on the discord and I have been responsible for upgrading and maintaining the discord bot, I wrote the whaosc bot in TheWillHallExp’s stream (a twitch bot based off the one in discord), and I am taking up writing these lovely articles to help spread understanding and ease confusion about rules interactions. Together we three make the Triumvirate of Judgement, all of us being Heraldors in Playfusion’s Exemplar program and possessing an avid passion for seeing how cards interact with each other within the boundaries of the CR(With our powers combined!).

SO! Now, with intros out of way, onto the rules!

The Rules and Card Being Discussed

In today’s article we will mostly be covering the rules and effects  that interrupt parts of Rule 4.1 or “Phases of the Turn”. Specifically, making sure we follow the correct order on how events should play out. The four cards up for discussion today are War Chant, Surge of Justice, The Path of Skulls, and Unrivalled Battle-Lust.

War Chant (to the right)

War Chant is an uncommon destruction spell (yes, yes, I know… wizards, just hear me out) (trust me we will be seeing our spell casting friends soon) that loves to have the units it draws placed to the right of it. Doing so will trigger a few cool interactions with the rules so let’s break it down:

  1. First, we play War Chant onto the battlefield on our turn, trying position it so we have room for a unit that might be drawn to be played to the right of it (using our second actions as we see fit).
  2. At the start of our next turn, we follow the steps of Rule 4.1, reset our actions, trigger any start of turn effects all resolving under the Standard Order. Then we get to 4.1.2 where we first rotate all smooth corners, moving our War Chant to it’s second corner and follow everything as normal till we get to Rule Once we hit Rule we start updating Instant Effects from left to right.
  3. From here, we have War Chant in our left most lane and it being the first effect we trigger, we draw a card and if it is a unit, we immediately play it.
  4. Playing the unit causes that unit to resolve its first corner and we go back to following War Chant‘s effect which will rotate that unit and resolve the second corner.
  5. (Here is where the fun happens) Since our unit was played to the right of War Chant and during the resolution of Rule we will now trigger that second corner again as it has come to its turn moving from left to right following the rule.
  6. From here things happen as normal.

Not bad for a spell right? At worst it draws you a card, get lucky and you could trigger 9 damage from a Support 2 Grot Slasha (Not bad for a little dude IMHO).

Surge of Justice (to the left)

Surge of Justice is another card that interacts with the same set of rules as War Chant does but this one is a bit easier to follow. Surge of Justice wants to restart a unit to left or right of it when it’s effect is applied during Rule The major difference here is this card likes cards better on its left and here is why!:

  1. So for setup you have a unit (for example Hurricane Raptor) to left of this spell.
  2. Follow Rule both the unit and the spell will rotate to their second corner.
  3. When we get to Rule Hurricane Raptor will trigger its 2 damage corner and move on to the spell.
  4. Surge of Justice will then restart any unit placed on the left or right of it. Because of the Hurricane Raptor will now go back to its first corner and deal 1 damage (and keeping his effects in play for another turn).
    • If we restart a unit to the right of Surge of Justice, it will not trigger the corner it rotated to as it will be restarted prior to triggering(and will now be on it’s first corner during the left to right pass through).
  5. From here things happen as normal.

So in this case you can get way more value out of having a unit restart on left side of Surge of Justice instead of the right, but hey restarting a unit in general is a pretty solid idea… even if you need a wizard to use this method.

Path and UBL (in the beginning?)

So the last two cards we are featuring today are The Path of Skulls and Unrivalled Battle-Lust and their interactions with each other. And I can hear people asking why they would be in the same deck… The Path of Skulls is way better than Chaos Runeblade…. It just is(Personally, I don’t like flipping either of these blessings). Anyway, these two cards interact together at Rule (which is where The Path of Skulls applies its 2 damage) and the main thing I wanted to point out is that this rule and the interaction that happens come before anything get rotated! I have seen a few people in physical play who rotate cards and THEN apply start of turn effects and this is just a friendly reminder that start of turn effects come first. So, for example, if you The Path of Skulls and Unrivalled Battle-Lust triggered and Unrivalled Battle-Lust is on its X corner at the start of your next turn The Path of Skulls will do 2 damage and not 5 damage. Some might think this doesn’t matter but applying effects properly can have a much greater effect than you think. If you were counting on The Path of Skulls doing 5 damage when it won’t, can influence decisions for that turn and might even cost you a game. But that is just about as often you surprise an unsuspecting opponent with 5 damage rather than 2 from The Path of Skulls.

A similar interaction is if you have Mystic Shield on its final corner and Starving Flesh Hounds in play, the Shield will prevent the 1 damage from the Hounds prior to rotating off the board.


Alright everyone! That is all we have for this article. If you have any further question or have come across any odd interactions you can find all of us on discord and message us there! We would love to hear from you all. (Good Luck! And Well Played!)

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