On the Rise: Royal Hunt Tempo

Royal Hunt Tempo (Death)

A Tempo Death deck that combines the damage of Mordant units, warrior abilities, and minor healing to disrupt your opponent. The deck takes advantage of Champions who have quick rotation corners to activate blessings quickly. Blessings such as The Royal Hunt & Cloak of Mists and Shadows synergize with key cards such as Ravenous Crypt Ghoul, Cursed Strike, and Frightful Strike to close out a game.

Tips and Strategies

  • Maximize each play to rotate your Champions
  • Take advantage of Death’s disruptive abilities such as Cursed Strike, and Frightful Strike
  • Always place a Mordant Champion across from a Champion that costs 7 or more

Play Royal Hunt Tempo If…

  • You prefer a Tempo deck focusing on Champion rotations
  • You enjoy reactive play over proactive play
  • You enjoy disruptive mechanics found in cards such as Cursed Strike and Frightful Strike


Check out the latest deck-lists & deck variations from top players and streamers:


Player Name Event Placing Date Deck
Darren M. Hurst East Coast Rumble Fourth 11/17/2018

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