On the Rise: Death Deck Out

Deck Out (Death) aka Bored2Death

A Death deck archetype sporting a control shell. Often defeats an opponent using the “Empty Deck Check” rules ( Key cards include healing spells such as Unholy Vitality and units like Feasting Vargheist. To prevent their own deck from suffering from the “empty deck check”, the player takes advantage of abilities that shuffle units back into their deck such as Call of the Grave and Devour.

Tips and Strategies

  • Use cards like Feasting Vargheist and Freakish Crypt Horror to rotate your Champions
  • Focus on keeping your health pool above lethal
  • Avoid game-altering placement (such as a wizard in front of Gordrakk)
  • Click here for a more detailed guide of Bored2Death brought to you by DMG Twylite

Play Deck Out (Death) If…

  • You prefer alternate win conditions
  • You enjoy reactive play as opposed to proactive play
  • You enjoy playing a control style deck built mainly upon healing and damage reduction


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