Round Table Review 6: Team Covenant Peachstate Hobby

Hello Folks, ZerrisValaren here! Monday may be the new “Funday” as we got some pretty awesome spoilers, provided by Team Covenant & Peachstate Hobby. Some of the cards showed off new mechanics, some are already being praised as 5/5, some just seem like good tools to have and I would say some are just plain cool. Take a look below as the NYC Gang gives their impressions of the spoilers in this Round Table Review;

Peachstate Hobby – 11/12/18

ZerrisValaren: Poop Out Grots

I have noticed this guy is a bit difficult at first to take in. My opinions on him is he is a very good card. I really applaud the designers on this card as he seems very well designed because he will lead to some really interesting transactions, strategies, and “finesse” plays (as Jon put it) but still provides a risk (the risk of losing the units before you can utilize the Heroic Act). I consider him #Skarbrandgood; but I may be biased as a Destruction player. Below I have provided a further break down of the card’s wording, some reasons why I have rated him so highly, and why I look forward to testing with him further…

  1. The Keywords you want:
    1. Orruk (interactions with Orruks)
    2. Stacking (interactions for building stacks)
  2. What He Brings With Him:
    1. You essentially have a “delayed” Grot Ambush. You search for a Grot Unit like Grot Ambush, but it is deployed under Bossy Orruk to be used later.
  3. What does the Enter Play Effect Mean:
    1. This means he will probably be able to rotate 2 deployment corners in a row 
    2. How does that work?
      1. For the example, lets use Warboss Recruiter. Who has rotated their first corner (Damage)
      2. Player attempts to play & deploy Bossy Orruk onto Warboss Recruiter’s lane
      3. Warboss Recruiter’s Orruk Deployment Corner (Corner #2) will rotate.
      4. Bossy Orruk moves to “limbo”
      5. While in “limbo”, player searches their deck for a Grot Unit (for sake of the example; Pouncing Wolf Rider)**
      6. Player Deploys selected Grot Unit (Pouncing Wolf Rider)
      7. Warboss Recruiter’s Generic Deployment Corner (Corner #3) will rotate.
      8. Bossy Orruk moves to “lane” on top of Grot Unit 
  4. Heroic Act:

Deploy a Grot Unit onto a Champion’s lane next to the lane Bossy Orruk is occupying and rotate 1 of his corners.

    1. Place a Grot Unit underneath Bossy Orruk in a Champion’s lane next to him. (See he Poops out Grot)
      1. It does not specify the lane needs to be Disengaged.
      2. It does not specify which Grot Unit, just a Grot Unit supporting Bossy Orruk
  1. Additional Notes:
    1. By placing him on top of something, you are effectively “restarting” that unit (see below); 
    2. By deploying the unit that was stacked on again you are effectively “re-using” that unit
    3. Bossy Orruk comes with a minimum of Support 1 (granted you won’t fail the search)
    4. **Step 5 is where things get can get confusing. If you deploy Bossy Orruk into a lane already occupied by a unit he will be stacking. Due to stacking, the Grot Unit you search for, MUST have the Stacking Keyword, or else the search will fail because it must follow the normal restrictions for deployment.
Team Covenant Reveals

The Rhy’zrd: Not My Banner Bearer

That’s a wild dub for me… So I get to play Khorne’s Chosen for my opponent? We already have Blood Warrior Berserker, and that’s not getting much play either. I guess the extra damage and the fact it’s a Daemon should mean something?

YerTrey: Stop Trying to Hit me, and Hit me!

At first, I didn’t like the Banner. Then I realized, 15 is the magic number. You want to be at 15 so you can do 11 damage with one ability. Turn it into a race, even if your opponent doesn’t want to race. HIT ME!

Zerris: Daemon Bonus Unit

Maybe there is some cool Gift of Change/Summon Daemon surprise damage that can be done with this guy, followed by a self-removal so your opponent can’t really benefit from it. Other than that could be very dangerous!


YerTrey: Possible Hard Counter

Treacherous Bond seems like a hard counter to a three turn Unit. You have to plan it properly and Chaos isn’t about planning against your opponents. Needs more concrete dmg.

Zerris: Anti-Chaos, Chaos Spell

I like this card because it says when a highlighted (opponent’s) unit or ability deals damage this turn, deal damage equal to that to your Opponent. That means if you are playing against a Chaos deck, and they use a Daemonic Fury then they are going to take 4 before they even strike you for 5. Once they do strike you for 5, then get punished for an additional 5 totaling to 9. Good thing it doesn’t work with Hellfire Blast or yeesh.

The Rhy’zrd: Faster Rotating Spells, Good!

Treacherous bond is the kind of card that chaos wizards needed for a while. While not necessarily that great, it’s a 2 turn spell, which gives some, albeit limited, help to chaos wizards (which is my dream, hence my name). My gripe is that it does not copy any other abilities except for the damage, so its not very punishing. Best case scenario is arcane bolt, but with all of the new tools we’re receiving, that card will see even less play.


Zerris: Great Potential

Personally as far as Champions go, I think Changeling has a lot of potential. For Chaos, self-removal is very common so the removal is not that big a deal, heck Gift of Change is probably one of their better cards. The other 3 are fairly straight forward corners, although for him I am more concerned with just direct damage spell decks. Place him next to a Lord of Change, play a Hellfire Blast, and put a Pink Daemon to the right of Lord of Change, and you have yourself a pretty devastating Fireball; Elminster would be pleased (yeah, I went there).

The Rhy’zrd: Not a Fan of Wizards at the Moment

The Changeling is a nice addition, costing less than Lord of change and spreading the value in a wedge. However, it’s once again, only the damage, as Lord of Change affects the value itself (for instance, infernal gateway). It’s corners are decent, however unless the new rule comes into play (abilities during spell use), like most wizards I see them too slow.

YerTrey: Not a Fan of Quest Corners, but Still good!

The Changeling is amazing. Low cost Wizard that increases all his Wizard buddies and doesn’t hurt your health pool. Only issue I see is any Wizard with removal is hard to complete. He could be a game changer if we get some damage on each of the four corners. HINT HINT WINK WINK!

Team Covenant

Zanniati: All Aboard the Express Line to Lockdown City

This is a card that I can get on board with. Its hard to remove because the instant removal cards are all abilities. It last 3 turns which is actually a big deal for order restart abilities. Death and Chaos will need to watch out for this for sure. I see this as a strong counter against rush builds.

Emonyourface: Tears are Delicious

If you listen real close you’ll hear the sound of an Abhorrent Ghoul King weeping. This really will put a thorn in the side of ability based decks such as “Mordant Burn”.

Zerris: It’s About Time

The more cards I see from Onslaught, the more I feel like they are really going to round out the sub factions and important strategies. If you haven’t yet, after you finish this article, check out shpelley’s Order article in it he gives a very good synopsis of Order mechanics, common strategies, and factions. This guy fits right into the Restart and Lane Denial synergy. Great day for Order.


Emonyourface: X means Balanced

Order wizards are about to bring both the fire and lightning. They about to melt your unit then your face. A solid spell to add to Orders already high ability to control a lane. The X makes it a bit slow but this spell needed to be balanced somehow.

Zerris: Needed for Order

Wizards get pooped on pretty significantly and I genuinely feel for them and players who want to make them work. Alternatively, if any alliance is close to getting Wizards to work in this meta, Order is pretty close.  Lightning Strike flies under the radar, Light of Sigmar, and Righteousness are pretty impressive spells. Additionally  this card combos very well with Evocator Prime because we get 2 quest corners via one spell. I expect to see this played pretty heavily, probably by Emonyourface.

Zanniati: Is This Really What Order Needed?

Though on the surface this looks like a huge win for order, I’m not sure how useful it will actually be. This is a great addition for decks running Celestant but I don’t think we will see a lot of wizard splashing otherwise. Order is very unit oriented and I think the other new cards we’ve seen only reinforce that. Great card, but I don’t think it’s necessarily what order needed.

Zerris: Does this Mean Healing Units?

I see this guy and I immediately cannot stop looking at corner 3. Why? Because Order warriors can’t heal if they don’t cost 7 or higher unless Playfusion expects you to combo the Soul Feeder with a Removal *cringe*. I think my hype for the possibility of healing units or abilities on Order outweighs the hype for a 3 cost Champion that also gives +1 health. P.S.: I hate corner 1. Thought they learned from Liberator Prime!

Zanniati: Zomg Healz!

Heal? Really? If we ignore how horrible this is to rotate, at least based on the known card pool, this guy is great. Bonus health, only 3 cost, corners and ability are not Stormcast specific… This guy is massively splash-able. I would probably play him even if I thought id never complete his quest.

Emonyourface: 3 Cost Stormcast is good Enough for Me

I like that we finally have a 3 cost champ now that isn’t an Aelf. Stormcast needed one, and it gives health. I’m not too keen in the healing corner but I assume there will be some kind of healing card or 2 to support this.

Well folks, that is it for this Round Table Review. Check out my next article when the Order players review Volturnos, High King of the Deep, and I provide my deck tech based on the reveals! He might even be dare I say it, #skarbrandgood!

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