Round Table Review 5: ggDOA and Beasts of War

Hello Folks! ZerrisValaren here, and last week we were treated to some great spoilers by ggDOA and Beasts of War, if you guys did not see their vids you should check them out. Some of their spoilers I worked into other Round Table Reviews because I was trying to get the most per alliance, so far.  Only a few spoilers remained and the gang and I have been going back and forth over them, especially those neutral rare abilities. Before we get to those, let’s start with the remaining Alliance Reveals:

So, it’s Restoring the Forge for Aelves?


ZerrisValaren: Still Lack of Card Draw

I really liked Aelves because I rather enjoy their fast and high damage but I am still on the fence on Order’s take on restarting associated to Stormcast. Lotann is also my favorite Order Champions, because I think his low cost and passive effect combo with beasts is a huge benefit. The reason I dislike Order is their lack of card draw and that is also apparent for Aelves. Soul collection feels like a cheap copy of Restoring the Forge, but it had the opportunity to be an amazing solution by providing re-use for Aelves by putting them in hand.

Zanniati: Good Against Deck Out

The developers may have plans for cards like this in the future but right now I can’t see myself playing it. Perhaps it could see play in a side board for an Aelf deck, if deck out decks become a big part of the meta.

Emonyourface: Great for Leviathon Tosses

Basically reforge the soul for aelves. If wizards become a thing in the next set, we get another  “any” ability to rotate them while already filling your ranks back up with expired units. This will also help get back units pitched away due to Leviadon heroic acts.

Cool Concept, Bad Corners
Zanniatti: Oh, the Good Ol’ Removal Rotation

As if Order didn’t have enough trouble rotation already. Evocator Prime could be an interesting Wizard selection since Order has some quick rotation damage spells (Righteousness for 4/Light of Sigmar for 5). Except, I think this guy won’t see much play because wizards are still fairly weak.

Emonyourface:  Punishing Abilities Make me Happy

His corners bug me. Maybe with tactical removal it’ll be easier but we’ll see what comes out. I do like how his ability punishes people who like to stack units in front of wizards.

Zerris: Bet he Looks Awesome Foiled

Evocator Prime looked like he could be really powerful. Then I noticed they slapped on a removal first corner and put Spell third corner. I guess the developers did this because they didn’t want to over power him, but that is just what I call more signs that they “overrate” wizards. Maybe Playfusion isn’t hearing the feedback of the community that Wizards need something to help them out and I think easier quest rotations would be beneficial. P.S. I am jealous of his sweet energy beard, hair and sword.


Emonyourface:  Be Mindful of Damage Reduction

Guided Vanguard Hunter, this guy I like. Finally a Stormcast unit that can start off a liberator prime quest rotation that is not named “Hurricane Raptors”, which means I can hopefully save them for some more opportune times. It’ll remain to to be seen how well the unit’s heroic act works. Another plus is the unit is on par with a Decimator although a bit more susceptible to to damage reduction.

Zerris: “Everyone, what if we taught our Paladin Decimators Parkour Skills? – Sigmar

I keep hearing/seeing how insane his heroic act is and I feel some people need to be more cautious. The heroic act to use this guys’ parkour skills to dive away from removal, leap into a lane where an opponent benefits from disengagement, or dash from champion to champion are useful, but excessive use can eat your actions quickly and will stop you from recruiting another copy of this unit. Honestly, I am most pleased with having a Stormcast that rotates Liberator on deployment.

Zanniati: Superior to Paladin Decimator in Every Way

This card will definitely see some play. 4 rotations for 6 damage works great with Vorrus, He can also jump around to trigger damage rotations on your champions or to counter Frightful Touch like cards that punish disengaged champions. I really like this card and I think it will see quite a bit of play. Side note: with the new abilities out, I can definitely see a world where double Vorrus lock down becomes incredible

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YerTrey (Chaos): Hard Counter, Side Board Must

Beat Back is a hard card not to include in your side deck. It’s a counter to few decks, but that counter makes all the difference. Getting pinged for three cause of that beast? Move it. Getting hit with pesky rend damage cause someone is disengaged? Engage them. Sitting between Grandma and Grandpa at the dinner table? Move yourself next to your hot cousin who you just found out isn’t blood related.

Oh I’m sorry, did you think I wasn’t going to pop Unrivaled Battle Lust? Cause I am. Not only that, but I just drew Exodia. Grim Portents was not needed, but boy is it amazing. There was a certain flair of not knowing if you were going to get your best blessing or the right one at the right time. Now there’s a chance you’ll get the perfect one for the perfect time because you stacked it that way! This card will be useful 60% of the time, all the time. This wouldn’t be a staple in every deck if it didn’t say that magical word “may”. I love the word “may”

Zerris (Destruction): Is this What a Cantrip Will Look Like?

Beat Back makes me think of Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. When a unit leaves a lane I wanted it in, I am simply going to yell “GET OVER HERE” (which I will do in person) and place that unit right back! Or maybe I can set up some cool removal with Sweeping Gore Grunta. Furthermore, this card feels like a Champions equivalent of a “cantrip” (a cantrip for those who don’t know, is a card that draws a card). We use it, it rotates an ability corner, we get an effect, we get an action back, that action can be used to replace itself. Overall can be pretty helpful.

This almost perfectly resembles a Cantrip. It already rotates an ability corner, makes you draw a card, and then an effect. This effect just happens to normalize your blessing completions. In a pretty simple process. Step 1: Use Grim Portents. Step 2: Take a look at your two blessings (see Ushering of the Waagh or Smash and Bash) *side note* always check the wizard. Step 3: Decide which one is more necessary at the moment. (Do i have a full field? If not make it so with Ushering. If yes, Smash and Bash) Step 4: Transfer it to your Champion about to quest out. (Move it to Rip Tooth) Step 5: Quest to Profit. This will be usable by every Alliance — some may even see it as worthwhile to play a Wizard for.

Zanniati (Death): Happy, but Cautious

While they are cheap, people should not think these cards are free because they are still a card in your deck that may not grant you a benefit in a pinch and they are net -1 action. That being said, I see these as massive boosts to Order and potentially Chaos. Aspiring Death-bringer, Vorrus, and Protector Prime will all quest much faster than before.

One thing I will note. The developers need to be careful to ensure quests are well balanced. It’s looking more and more like rush decks will be dominant in the next format simply because questing will be so fast.

Emonyourface (Order): I like 9 damage *drool*

Last quest corner… Do I think I have a swift justice under there? Maybe, I almost always have it when the lane is engaged. Well now with Beat Back, if my opponent has an open Champion, let me just move their unit away from my lane before I complete the last corner… Beat Back will also be free because of the additional action it provides and complete a quest corner for an ability. After that hopefully when I finish the last corner Swift Judgement will pop up, my opponent takes 9 damage. I like 9 damage. Kai thanks, bye!

Remember the example for Beat Back with Swift Judgement? I can apply the same here with Grim Portents. Just instead of using this for an action, I use this to rotate a wizard ability corner, draw a card for doing so, then I switch my blessing around. Sign me the F Up… Then I pop Swift Judgement, opponent takes 9 damage. I like 9 damage. Kai thanks bye!

There you have it everyone! Looks like Grim Portents and Beat Back are good targets for our internal testing when Set 2 comes out — at least in our minds. Tune in next time when we go over the spoilers by Team Covenant & Peachstate Hobby.

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