*Casual* My Most Favorite Deck – Blood Sacrifice

Good evening all! It’s DMG Twylite and I’m a little worried about this article. I didn’t want to write it, I wanted to keep this one to myself if I’m honest. There are all sorts of reasons for that. I wanted to keep my articles “on brand” in the competitive space and leave the casual space to a host of other great writers. People have asked me in the past for this list and I’ve turned them down, citing a whole laundry list of reasons…But no, at the core of the issue, there’s one particular reason that outshines all others…

This deck is my baby.

But I really want to illustrate why I’m here in front of the computer at 2:30 in the morning, banging out yet another article. Despite the fact that I have a breather from new spoilers. Despite the fact that I’m still feeling under the weather. Because I just played this deck for probably an hour and a half in casual and loved it, just like I always do.

You know when someone asks if you are playing ‘THAT” deck again? I’m usually the kind of person that looks through the asker and bluntly tells them, “Winning is fun.” At the moment, I have the privilege to play with some of the best players in the game in a hyper-competitive setting. I could be grinding Master ranked games and trying to get in on that battle for first place. That actually sounds like fun to me. But I realized the other day, despite having fantastic friends I can talk theory and strategy with or test tournament caliber decks against the field. The thing I always want to talk about most…..is this deck. And it’s a casual deck.

Guys/Gals/<Pronoun of Preference>, I think that what I’m about to share with you ….is the most fun I’ve had in Warhammer to date. This is the first deck I pull out to battle every AI challenge, even when I know it’s a bad choice. The reason: It’s ANOTHER CHANCE TO SLEEVE UP THIS 30.

I didn’t want to share this deck with anyone. I wrote about the current decks I was using to grind into Master with, AS I WAS PLAYING THEM. And yet this, this is the deck I wanted to keep secret. And I just can’t anymore.

Because I now think it’s criminal to keep this much joy from the rest of the people playing the game I’ve come to love. So I present to you….My Blood Sacrifice deck. Yes, Blood Sacrifice. No, Not Pain-Induced Fury, thanks.

(Since this is for my casual deck, I’m taking a lot more liberties with the decklist annotations….Buckle up, Buttercup)

Chaos: 35 Health


1 Archaon/Unique/Warrior-Wizard/+3 Health, 13 Points

1 Gaunt Summoner/Wizard/+0 Health, 5 points (AKA Daemon Vending Machine)

2 Chaos Champion/Warrior/+1 Health, 1 Point


Bathe in Blood (You know you’re in for a wild ride when everybody reading this has to hover over this to know what this card does lol)

Outrageous Carnage

Total Carnage (If you want to be REAL spicy and burn your candle at both ends, you can swap this for Wanton Destruction, No Gamble, No Future, amirite?)

Unrivalled Battle-Lust (If my cards are red and this isn’t in my 30 and this card isn’t banned, kill me on sight because my mind is not my own anymore)


Bloodfury Wrathmonger (Bash Bro #1)

Fanatical Skullfiend (This card changes places with Insatiable Bloodreaver like every other and I am strongly contemplating a 1/1 split)

Reckless Juggernaut (For when you need to remove your neighbor’s lane right away)

3 Slashing Screamer (Bash Bro #2)

Starving Flesh Hounds (Secretly carrying the rest of the team on their backs)

2 Transmogrifying Flamer  (The Diva. The exception to all the rules)


Blood Sacrifice (The Alpha and the Omega)

Mystic Shield (Interchangeable with Blood Feast

Summon Daemon (The Miser’s Archaon Double Complete”]

0, None, ZERO, NOT IN THE DECK, STOP LOOKING Pain-Induced Fury


Blood Hunt

Blood for the Blood God

Gaze of Khorne (The 1k yard stare               o.0)

Gift of Change (Amazon Prime 1 turn delivery)

Tactical Formation (Eh….It’s okay)

So yeah, that’s why it’s call the Blood Sacrifice Deck. We have a better Pain-Induced Fury and it’s called Starving Flesh Hounds.

Unlike my competitive articles, I won’t be going into specific matchups since casual is 50% preconstructed decks, 15% people practicing a new ranked deck, 25% people completing their daily missions(You can always tell who the unaligned/spell mission people are), 10% homebrews of the spicy and stinky variety.

So….I have a LOT (Around 8 apparently) of versions of this deck. Some even include Pain-Induced Fury. This is my currently build and it does away with the PIF(yeah that’s getting abbreviated for sure). I never wanted to see the Fury, I only ever wanted to see Blood Sacrifice in my opener and then when that’s done, I need to stem my self-inflicted bleeding and close the game out. Additionally, there where a lot of games where I just could take full advantage of the PIF in play because I have no cards.

I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I’m somehow the inventor of the PIF deck. That one is a gimme. The core of the deck builds itself once you read PIF.

Let’s talk Champs for a bit. This has been my favorite lineup for the deck ….and this lineup may be the only Archaon deck that manages to fully extract 13 points worth of value from him.

Once you decide you want to use Archaon, the rest of the lineup falls into place on it’s own. You have 7 points left and that leaves you looking at either Gaunt Summoner or Iridescent Horror. We take Vending Machine and 2 Chaos Champs. …..And trust me, no other deck in the history of ever needs the full 35 health like this one does.

We usually want to set our line up with Archaon in between both Chaos Champions and Gaunt on the outside. We have wiggle room for where want to put Archaon but we definitely prefer Archaon/Chaos Champ/Chaos Champ/Gaunt if Chaos Champ/Archaon/Chaos Champ/Gaunt isn’t an option. This gives us the best positioning to make sure we are in range for both Gaze and Blood for the Blood God.

So let’s talk about some of the decklist choices and where you can mix and match. Starting with Blood Feast vs. Mystic Shield…These are very similar cards accomplishing similar goals, keeping us in the game once we’ve extracted all the value we can from the Sacrifice. There’s a few little differences however. Blood Feast is a more pro-active card, we gain life when we deal damage whether to ourself or to the opponent. Mystic Shield can be a bigger swing in total mitigation but it also comes with drawbacks such as not allowing us to get the self damage trigger on Flesh Hounds. In the end, I decided that the deciding factor would be if I’m playing 3x Flesh Hounds, I want to play Mystic Shield since the corner damage on the Hounds don’t trigger the life gain from Blood Feast(however, the damage at the start of the rounds DOES). If I’m on 2x Hounds or less, I probably want Blood Feast instead since I have more control over it’s efficacy and I can play it early in the game if I’ve taken some damage and still haven’t drawn a Blood Sacrifice.

That segues nicely into talking about the Flesh Hounds. Flesh Hounds are the functional replacement for PIF that doesn’t eat up your wizard lane for 4 turns. And this package of 6 damage is the Carry on our team. It supercharges the Bash Bros(Wrathmonger/Screamer). It will trigger once for the damage we deal to them and then it will trigger again on the damage we deal to ourselves. So even if you don’t have a unit across from your Screamer, 1 Screamer can chew through an entire Hound by its rotate damage and it’s heroic. It’s corner damage can’t trigger other effects so unfortunately you can’t put 2 of them next to each other and set off a chain reaction to casually Cruisin' for a Bruisin' someone for 12 with the Wolf Pack. As mentioned previously, the corner damage also will not trigger Blood Feast.

However, the 1 damage Hounds deals you at the start of the turn CAN trigger effects but it’s worth mentioning that ‘Start of the Turn’ effects happen before rotation. So whereas playing a new Blood Sacrifice and a Screamer will you draw you a card on their first rotation, Hounds + Blood Sacrifice will NOT. It will, however, allow you to draw a card from Blood Sacrifice’s final corner before it rotates away. Conveniently, it also means that Mystic Shield will prevent this 1 damage before it rotates away as well.

You want to play pretty fast and loose with the Hounds, especially when contemplating your choices with Gift of Change. Oftentimes, you’ll want to seriously contemplate pulling one of these out if you have one of the Bash Bros to complement it. You really need to embrace the spirit of Chaos when you are at the helm of this beauty. I’m usually too busy counting all the cool plays I can do this turn to bother looking at my life total anyway.

So let’s talk about the eponymous card, our Flux Capacitor, Blood Sacrifice. You’ve never played Chaos like this before, I guarantee it. More cards than Death, More options than Destruction. All hinging on a single fulcrum. If they don’t have the answer to our question the first time, It won’t matter because we are about to go Ludicrous Speed. If they don’t have the removal on the second turn, we are going Plaid. If we play Sacrifice + Screamer T1, we will draw 1 card T2. Use Heroic, draw another, hopefully a unit. Play Wrathmonger or Hounds or Skullfiend. Possibly Draw. On the 2nd turn, we draw between 1-3 cards. This card can potentially let us Ancestral Recall(A card from M:tG that allowed you to draw 3 cards) each turn it’s in play. We no longer have questions or answers for our opponent, We have the answer key to the entire quiz. And if anything, I’m making it sound like less fun that it is to actually do.

But…..sometimes they have it, or we didn’t get it fast enough, that’s where Mystic Shield and Archaon come into play. It’s worth remembering that we are still half the Archaon deck. Our cards aren’t bad ones. Tactical Formation in particular is either a cantrip for our Chaos Champions second corner, or a way to generate value with Archaon. (If your opponent has a wizard and they have killed our Sacrfice, don’t forget that if Archaon Blood Hunt’s a spell, we get a spell from our discard back to our hand instead of drawing a card). Slashing Screamer is the mount that Archaon wants to ride into war with. In fact, it’s possible to complete Archaon with only 2 cards: Slashing Screamer and Summon Daemon. Play Screamer, Use Heroic. After Screamer exhausts, play Summon. The 1 Damage triggers the damage corner and gets our friend back to flip the blessing. I almost never play a Blood Sacrifice but sometimes you can prevent enough damage with Mystic Shield to justify it.

Now let’s talk about the Diva, Transmogrifying Flamer. There are only 2 because some of the interactions are what we want and some of them aren’t. If we need to deal a damage immediately upon coming into play, this is the daemon we can Gift for. But we only want to sacrifice a Flamer to a Gift if we have no Daemons in hand, because of how the Last Stand ability on Flamer works. It’s a replacement effect that replaces the Flamer with a Daemon from your hand. This means that if the Last Stand successfully triggers, it means that the effect used to trigger it did NOT remove a unit so it won’t complete X corners, either yours or your opponent’s. It means that if we sacrifice a Flamer to a Gift and we have a unit in hand, we do NOT get to search our deck for a daemon. The Last Stand ability replaces it and puts the Daemon from our Hand into play. It’s worth remembering that this is NOT an optional effect either. It’s not all bad, however, if we use either Blood for the Blood God or Gaze of Khorne, those will trigger even if the Last Stand is triggered since their effect isn’t dependent on removing the unit.

The last part we want to talk about is the Vending Machine. Less than half of our deck is comprised of units so we want to try to keep track of what our unit/non-unit ratio remaining in our deck is. We want to use Gaunt Summoner + Play the unit once or twice a game to make sure that we are maintaining threats on the board. Gaunt Summoner can also trigger Blood Sacrifice with it’s heroic act essentially letting us pay 2 life to draw 2 cards (1 draw + retrieved unit). So we frequently use it to keep our Screamers in play. Mystic Shield will prevent this damage but still give us a unit back to our hand. Intelligent use of this Heroic is one of the finer points that improves with practice. Having a unit in hand to trigger Flamer’s Last Stand is often extremely useful.

This deck can have some outrageously ridiculously fun turns and if you are used to only playing in a few lanes with Chaos Quick Quest, I promise you’ve never seen an Unrivalled Battle-Lust with board states like these ones. “So okay,  after rotations, Screamer Does you 2+ 3=5, Hounds deals you 5, Screamer deals me 1 , Hounds Deals you 5. Gift of Change for another Hounds, Play Wrathmonger, Take 15 more for a total of 30?

Or how about the game state that made me decide I can’t keep something this fun to myself anymore. I had flipped Unrivalled Battle-Lust the turn earlier and had a Reckless Juggernaut on top of a Total Carnage. So 6+3+3, Take 12……Gaze of Khorne take another 12……So 24 damage in one turn from a single unit?! This deck is so rad.

It’s not quite fast or consistent enough to play in ranked at the moment, but I think it’s easily the most fun to pilot out of every build I’ve seen. I hope you have as much fun with it as I have and mirror matches with this deck sound like an absolute riot so I hope to see you with your versions out on the casual battlefield.

I’d love to hear if you end up loving this deck like me. You can find me in game as DMG Twylite, in the discord as [Heraldor]DMG Twylite, and on Facebook as Kevin Lambert

In-Game List:


Thanks for reading my first casual article. I don’t plan to write too many of these in the future as I prefer to stick to the Competitive space but maybe if people like this one i can mix it up again in the future 🙂

As a small bonus, It’s been brought to my attention that I should put these up for you all to scan since I haven’t actually put them up on the internet anywhere yet. So here’s a grip of fresh Booster Card pics that you haven’t seen yet.



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