WAAAGH Table Review 4: Destruction!

Hey Champs! ZerrisValaren here; hope you enjoyed my previous Round Table Review. Today we got a quick article as NYC’s resident Destruction players – Bryan and myself – discuss the revealed cards from our alliance of choice. Can I get a WAAAGH?! … I am just going to assume you WAAAGHED too. Anyway, let’s take a look at those Destro cards revealed starting with the Exemplar Spoiler;

Store It Out Back in the Shed

ZerrisValaren: Wizards may not be the Meta at the moment, but that doesn’t mean they won’t eventually be. ‘Ere We Go, ‘Ere We Go provides a nice tool in the tool shed for Destruction that might find play later. As a Blessing I think it is pretty average, most instant blessings do around 5 damage, so that part it is fairly balanced, but against a wizard deck if popped at the opportune time, you could possibly lock down a few lanes and let your unit damage tick away.

Bryan: Not sure if it fits Destruction to have a card that stalls. Destro likes to hit and keep hitting your opponents. I think they care more about their units being unhindered than locking down their opponents spells. At first I thought this was good, but I started thinking… what deck would this fit in? Well if there is some kind of Destruction slow burn deck and not a deck that is a fast pace or explode in one turn and smash your opponent’s face deck.

“Weirdnob” Couldn’t That be Taken the Wrong Way?

Zerris: There are a handful of Warriors that are anti-caster, and a handful of units as well. It’s intriguing to see the reverse with Weirdnob Shaman. I don’t hate him. He can potentially quest pretty fast if he is across a Warrior. Best part is he can Heroic Act while a Spell is up, just seems kind of cool.

Bryan: Wizards got a little more love with cards like Pile On. Maybe with that love, this Wizard can see play. I personally find a 6 cost Wizard Champion might be tough to fit in with other Champions I like.

We Grot That?

Zerris: Meat-Shield Grots are not good. I think Grots are already pretty close to being a competitive deck, and there are a lot of really good cards in the Grot load out. I felt they were missing damage reduction. These guys solve that issue – and thank god they exist. Down the line when I need a Grot to soak damage, I will call upon these guys.

Bryan: I feel Moonshield Grot is just Okay. I feel they are just okay because they seem more like a Meta Play card over a staple card. A good sideboard card.

Oh my, Ogor

Zerris: I am a big fan of 15 damage over 3 turns. I am a big fan of his combo with Rallying Cry and Savage Boar Boss to be able to activate his Heroic act instantly. I am not a fan of discarding 3 cards to get the full 15. Discarding 3 cards is equivalent of 6 actions (1 to draw, 1 to activate heroic act per each corner). Guess we will find out if this card is balanced or not as more cards are revealed. I still have my fingers crossed for that “fling” mechanic.

Bryan: Wow. This beast seems unfair. 5 Damage per Heroic Act. Beasts are definitely going to be a lot more formidable. I want to see the rest of the Ogor cards now, but this is exciting enough of a reveal… for now.

Sucks to Be On Bottom

ZerrisValaren: I actually really like this card. I am a huge fan of interacting with unit stacks. I definitely can’t wait to test with this card because it makes me rethink playing a wizard as my 4th champion. Of course I am still concerned about the fact that Wizards can’t use an ability at the same time as when a spell is deployed. This in my opinion is a great design choice, stacking is already a great ability and fairly unique, now Destruction (in this case wizards) can interact with the stack for exciting effects. This is definitely looking a lot more exciting.

Bryan: Stacking cards strategically will become a thing because of cards like this. Players that love tactical interactions and strategy will really enjoy this card.

Well thats it for Destruction so far; Next RTR will be about the remaining ggDOA and Beasts of War cards! Check out the Playfusion East Coast Rumble, you can find the event information here. Hope to see you guys Nov. 17th! WAAAGH!

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